In lieu of the speed and vigour with which we intend to prosecute this campaign and litigation of Oil Blocks For Oil Communities, we deem it expedient that we should increase our numbers rapidly so as to enlarge our coast into the arena of international relevance by sheer power of the voice of the multitude which always prevail if persistent.

Remember when Israel clamoured for kings in front of Samuel the prophet and Judge? The voice of the multitude eventually prevailed and they got the greatest, wisest and richest kings in human history namely King David and his son King Solomon!

Remember also the recent “Million Man March” of African Americans for equal rights and justice in every field of American endeavor in front of the White House?
The voice of the multitude eventually prevailed and they got the first African America United States of America President & First Lady in the same White House namely Barrack & Michele Obama!

This is winning formular that we must adapt to multiply our numbers and ranks geometrically from 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000 to 10,000 to 100,000 to 1,000,000 men & women as well increase our finances from N1000 to N100,000 to N10 million to N100 million to N1 billion if need be in just a matter of months from now till May 29th 2015 of swearing in the president which is our deadline date for all our court cases to be filed in the appropriate international courts all over the world.

So that we will stride & shout, pay & pave our way to the glorious victory of repossessing and reclaiming back our oil wealth and reserves for our communities, people and land to the tune of about 35 billion barrels that is worth about $3.5 trillion at an optimal price of $100 per barrel without begging or borrowing anyone that will cause our very oil rich, influential and powerful adversaries both locally and internationally to tremble, cower and submit before us in abject defeat under the voice & might of a Million Man March!

If you believe this by faith: Say Amen!


Upon registration as a Litigant (for oil community indigenes) or as a Partner (for Edo Delta indigenes) and faithfully contributing your free will monthly donations which can be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis (as well as discontinued at will) according to your desire and ability ranging from N500 (bronze donor) to N1000 (silver donor) to N5000 (gold donor) to N10,000 (diamond donor); it is expected that within a time span of about two weeks you should in turn endeavor to encourage at least10 of your friends and relatives indigent to Edo & Delta States to register and join our campaign and litigation in like manner as you have done as that is basically what you need to do for we need all hands on deck to complete the enormous task at hand to possess our possessions in our God given Promised Land.

Likewise your 10 downliners should be assisted and encouraged to register their own 10 downliners as you have done and that will make you have a total minimum of 100 downliners. Likewise if your 100 downliners do the same they too will help to increase your downliners to 1000 and consequently to 10,000 which is the maximum performance output expected of a very active, dynamic and prolific Comrade Litigant.

That attracts very great prospects and rewards both now and after we have won the victory for you will be automatically nominated and selected for very important key prominent positions on our International Campaign Platform as our International Delegates and Representatives in the global corridors of power from the United Nations in New York to the White House in WWashigton to the European Parliaments and ofcourse in the International!

1) 100 Comrades under your downline qualifies you to become a Comrade Leader!
Benefits: you can be nominated or selected by merit to coordinate our Leadership & ICT Training programs as well as local City Rallies & Awareness Campaigns!

2) 1000 Comrades under your downline qualifies you to become a Comrade Capo!
Benefits: you can be nominated or selected by merit to coordinate our Leadership & ICT Training programs as well as our local & international City Rallies & Awareness Campaigns as well as liaise with both the local & international press!

3) 10,000 Comrades under your downline qualifies you to become a Comrade General!
Benefits: you will be automatically nominated or selected by merit to coordinate our International Court Cases together with our solicitors as well as our International Rallies & Media Campaigns!

Finally all the Youth Leaders, Capos & Generals will by default be our First Choice Nominees for overseeing the speedy and judicious completion of all the oil communities capital & developmental projects in Edo & Delta States we have already outlined to embark upon with the proceeds and profits of the Oil Blocks Leases we have legally and legitimately secured for our oil communities.

This is our solemn pledge in this we will not bulge as we are set to take our future and destiny in our own hands after our fathers have sadly failed us woefully and no one can manipulate it with that corrupt old standard of tribalism & nepotism found in the failed model of the Nigeria state that has brought untold hardship, misery, pain, poverty and bloodshed on our generation that we all both fathers and sons are witnessing today.

We stand resolutely and unshakably on the firm words of the Holy Book that categorically states:





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