Draft Constitution






GREAT BENIN REGION (1450 – 1897)


The Great Benin Empire of old comprises today of many smaller heterogeneous tribes, nations and sovereign kingdoms spanning many core southern states in the Niger Delta Region notably Edo Kingdoms, Delta Kingdoms, Ijaw Kingdoms (Bayelsa), Central Delta Kingdoms (Rivers), Ibibio Kingdoms (Akwa Ibom) and Efik Kingdoms (Cross Rivers) totaling six main regions or kingdoms in number that may willingly become CONFEDERATED / CONSTITUTED into what should tentatively be called the UNITED KINGDOMS OF BENIN after due deliberations and consultations based on a general consensus strictly because of their common socio-cultural, traditional, historical and monarchical roots, ties and connectivity with the Old Benin Empire as recorded in West African history and documented in ancient maps of the region written / drawn by competent European adventurers, missionaries, diplomats, merchants, cartographers & other authorities between the 15th & 19th Centuries. This is a response to the current innate cry, call, yearning and demand for SELF DETERMINATION amongst the indigenous peoples of the Niger Delta region who originally hail from the same region covered by the BENIN EMPIRE to become TRULY INDEPENDENT from this exploitative 100 years bondage of BRITISH COLONIALISM & NEO-COLONIALISM that has forced them into this despicable, despondent and deprived socio-economic condition of abject poverty in spite of their abundant CRUDE OIL WEALTH of over $60 BILLION annual revenues under this POST-COLONIAL CONTRAPTION called Nigeria.

Consequently after deep deliberations subject of course to due consultations and proper representations we humbly propose to the entire peoples, kingdoms and nations of the core Niger Delta Region of Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom & Cross Rivers an adhoc DRAFT CONSTITUTION that should form the skeletal frame work of the campaign and sensitization for the upcoming democratic exercise coined the 2015 NIGER DELTA REFERENDUM FOR SELF DETERMINATION that is billed to be conducted before DECEMBER 31ST 2015 or thereabouts according to INTERNATIONAL LAWS & CHARTERS to which the Federal Government of Nigeria is a state party and signatory hence it is legally bound and democratically obligated to adhere to its own ratification of the aforementioned UNITED NATIONS COVENANT as stated below:



Article 1.1

All [Niger Delta] peoples have the [fundamental human] RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status [independence] and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.





  1. A Prime Ministerial & Parliamentary System Of Government where the political party that wins the most seats of a minimum 52% of the national assembly should be allowed to form the government of the day and failing that the party with the most number of seats should be given the opportunity to form a government with a coalition of other parties provided they have a minimum of the required 60 % of the seats in the national assembly.
  1. A lower legislative parliamentary House of Assembly comprising of two elected parliamentarians (male & female) representing each tribe or ethnic group regardless of their population and geographical location within the nation. This is to ensure that the majority ethnic groups should not be able to abuse the advantage of numbers in a democratic system of government to the disadvantage of the minority ethnic groups in legislative processes. As well as to ensure that women should have equal representation in governance so as not be marginalized in the scheme of things. There should only two terms of service for every parliamentary so as to discourage god-fatherism and patrimony in the polity as well as to encourage more people partake in the political hierarchy.
  1. A higher non-legislative parliamentary House of Kings comprising of all the pre-colonial hereditary traditional Kings or Ogies from all the kingdoms including four of the top ranking Dukes or Enigies representing their northern, southern, eastern & western Dukedoms or Regions within their kingdoms that have been known and documented to be existing ever before the British colonial era who should ensure a check & balance system in governance so that the legislative bills proposed by the elected lower house are democratically favorable to their respective subjects and people in the nation before being ratified for the lower house to finally pass them into constitutional law.
  1. The Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister must always be from two different ethic groups and must be male and female irrespective of who becomes the prime minister of the two. The prime minister and the deputy should only be permitted to run for office only once in other to shift the policy of re-election for good governance on the political parties instead of the politician.
  1. A Rotational System of Government of north, south, east and west regions / kingdoms for a single tenure of five years only that should guarantee that each ethnic group(s) from each of these regions / kingdoms should have the opportunity to produce both a prime minister & deputy prime minister once in every 20 years. As the prime ministerial office is rotated clockwise from north to east to south to west so also the deputy prime ministerial office is rotated anti-clockwise from south to west to north to east.
  1. A Gubernatorial & Senatorial System of Governance for each state, region or kingdom where once again the senate should have a male & female representative from each ethnic group(s) as well as male & female governor / deputy for only one 5 year term.


  1. The Principle of 100% Resource Control for all the indigenes in all the regions / kingdoms should be enshrined and immutable in the constitution so as to ensure that no one is cheated, exploited and marginalized out of their own natural resources.
  2. The Natural Resources of every region and kingdom should be exclusive to them and they are to pay regular taxes / royalties to the central government of not more than 15% of their generated revenues outside subsistence farming as determined by the constitution to ensure that every kingdom or region remains viable, productive and sustainable at all times which is an absolute pre-requisite for peace, progress and prosperity to reign supreme.


  1. The official religion of the secular state should remain Christianity while other religions should be freely practiced but as regards the religious holidays only the global Christian holidays should be adopted as a bank holiday together with other non-religious holidays that are obtainable in the constitution.
  2. There should be zero tolerance for religious fraud, bigotry, hatred and violence in any manner or form with stiff penal consequences for violators.
  3. There should not be a situation of allowing two religions to compete for dominance as is the case with Christianity and Islam in order to forestall religious fundamentalism & terrorism attacks within the communities, regions & kingdoms. Hence Christianity which is practiced by an overwhelming majority of the population should be the only official state religion.


  1. There should be a guaranteed free education (no school fees) for all indigenes from nursery to university (first degree) in all public schools while non-indigenes should be required to pay the relevant school fees as the case may be.
  2. There should be compulsory indigenous language study for every region / kingdom from nursery to high school in order to imbibe in their children their own traditions & culture


  1. There should be a concerted effort to massively and rapidly industrialize the entire regions / kingdoms using the resources from the oil & gas sector accruable to every region / kingdom so as ensure their sustainability and viability when the supply & demand for crude oil becomes moribund in the not too distant future.
  2. There should be tremendous investment into commercial industrial agro-tech farming in all regions / kingdoms that is export oriented so as ensure the sustainable agricultural sufficiency, growth and development.


  1. There should be a Free Health Care program only for indigenes with health insurance that compasses free treatment & medication for all forms of illness in public hospitals & clinics with the sole exception of overseas treatment.
  2. There should be a subsidization of pharmaceutical drugs bought privately with a certified hospital prescription that cannot be obtained directly from public hospitals & clinics.


  1. There should be a Social Welfare system for the unemployed, aged & retirees without pension with a monthly stipend or feeding allowance of up to $50 (N10,000)
  2. There should be a Social Security Number for all indigenes with biometric identification and database birth & death records that enables them to qualify for all the social benefits and civil rights accruable to all citizens.
  3. Citizenship MUST be strictly by parental or blood lineage and the process of naturalization can only be based on the grounds that one or both parents are indigenes or citizens as the case may.
  4. There must be a clearly defined path towards procuring entry visas, work permits & business license for non-indigenes which should not exceed one year at a stretch and is renewable only at the appropriate interior ministry or embassy as the case may be.
  5. There MUST be an affirmative action geared towards guaranteeing employment and securing available jobs for the indigenes and only after no indigene is eligible or available for the vacant job should a non-indigene be offered such a job.



  1. There should be an Exit Clause for Self Determination (in a democratic manner as obtainable in International Law) amongst the various kingdoms on the premise that such a kingdom must be over 500 thousand in population as related to Cape Verde the smallest nation in Africa with similar population figures and must not be land locked so as to forestall issues pertaining to having unfettered access to the Atlantic Coast for the purpose of crude oil and agricultural exportation as well as importation of foreign goods/products. (To be continued…)




One thought on “Draft Constitution

  1. I think we shouldn’t even have Christianity as the main religion and only traditional holidays and festivals as real holidays. It should be accepted to take time off for Christmas or Eid, but we should spend time preserving our historic traditions and not something that was introduced to us merely 50 yrs ago. Thus, no state religion only a SECULAR state.
    Also, school should be TAUGHT in the indigenous language in the early years and English, Igbo, Yoruba, hausa etc. only as a second language or third language. This is to modernise our languages. After a certain age instruction should start in English but only for a start until our languages has been modernised enough to be the only language of instruction like in many other countries. Because the Bini are the majority I would suggest this language is the most appropriate for university instruction.
    Also for political representation, I would suggest that if a party has a minimum 5% of the votes this party will get 5% of the total number of seats. There shouldn’t be any winner takes all because then only two parties being represented in the end.


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