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The world is busy merchandising our Benin Empire heritage in their museums, high streets and online stores making millions of dollars annually every year on the ever green historical, cultural and emotional interest that the Ancient Civilization of Benin inspires in the mind of the modern world from its meteoric rise from humble beginnings to become the Apple of Africa’s eye for five hundred years during its Golden Era (1450 – 1900) until its dramatic and tragic fall at the hands of the marauding  British Empire in the most memorable, controversial, contentious and bloodiest war ever fought on African soil between the two greatest military powers of the African and European continents of the 19th century respectively before the advent of the modern day 20th Century high tech military weaponry advancement.

It’s high time we start to market our Global Brand Name of BENIN by ourselves that today even other nations have adopted as their national name like REBULIC OF BENIN with the permission of the Oba of Benin of course; and the Japanese adopting the name EDO as their special brand of selling the Japanese culture and cuisine known globally as EDO SUSHI without our permission and at our own expense who invented and own the original brand name of “EDO LAND” or “OTEDO” in our local Edo Language since 1450 AD when Oba Ewuare changed the name of the kingdom to EDO to kick start its meteoric rise and expansion as the Benin Empire with BENIN CITY as its capital till date. Not to mention all the countless history books written by many European, American & African historians about ANCIENT BENIN and the numerous movies made about it and the art exhibitions of our BENIN BRONZES as well as all the souvenirs and paraphernalia made and sold about it.
This is all good for our international image but as usual others are reaping the benefits while we are watching as by standers. Let’s change the game plan and do what the descendants of all other great ancient civilizations are doing and start promoting our unique BENIN EMPIRE identity as is being done abroad from Egypt and their Ancient Pyramids to Greece and their Ancient Temples to Rome and their Ancient Amphitheaters to China and their Ancient Wall to South America and their Ancient Inca Temple to South Africa and their Ancient Zulu Settlements.
We have nothing to loose and everything to gain so this is a clarion call to all Edo Delta descendants of all the original indigenous tribes that made up the Ancient Benin Empire to capitalize on this global trend and make fortunes selling their history and heritage to a waiting world that has long ago fallen in love with the Benin empire and its ancient civilization that was built from the scratch to greatness and glory all by themselves with no outside influence until the Portuguese explorers discovered it and trumpeted its glory, grandeur and greatness to the Europeans that opened the flood gates for them to come to West Africa in search of fortunes and fame that made it for many centuries to be regarded as the Jewel of Africa and the Envy of Europe. Until the British colonials and propagandists came to trample upon a truly beautiful RED ROSE and labeled it the CITY OF BLOOD after razing it to the ground to justify their pillage, plunder, wanton destruction and godless desecration of our land of which they are still reaping the dividends of their evil and bloody acts as royalties and benefits from the multitudes of the Benin Bronzes amassed in the possession of their museums and private collectors all over the world.

For 500 years or more our forefathers faithfully kept and preserved our ancient arts and artifacts as our very important historical cultural heritage in prime and pristine conditions only for these looters to come and steal and scatter them all over the world and these same looters are now telling us their descendants that it is safer and better for our historical cultural heritage to remain in their possession for the sake of posterity.

We believe if that if our historical cultural heritage had been in the possession of these known and unknown private and public collectors for the last 500 years whose only interest is to make merchandise of them while it is still profitable to do so and not to preserve them for posterity as our forefathers have done for centuries there would hardly be any trace of them left in the next centuries ahead. For in the last 100 years that they have kept possession of them, we have lost well over half of them which have simply vanished into the secret vaults and museums of unknown curators where the world and we Benin people the rightful owners have been denied access to them for the last 1o0 years or so. So it is mandatory for us to assemble them from every nook and cranny in the world back to the Oba Place their rightful place of abode where they will be permanently put on global display for the whole world of future generations to see and study about our historical cultural heritage for another 500 years just as it was before they were stolen from the Palace of our Oba the King of Benin.

We will bring back our Benin Bronzes to their rightful place very soon in this our present generation by all legal means necessary after being stolen from us by the British 100 years ago!       


The Best Flag in the world  OCT 06 2009

Benin Empire

That’s the flag of the Benin Empire, a pre-colonial African state situated in modern Nigeria that lasted from 1440 until 1897. (via andre)

This is


Flag of Benin Empire may be the best flag depicting a decapitation in the history of the world
Benin Empire
By Cory Doctorow at 12:11 pm Tue, Oct 6, 2009
SHARE TWEET STUMBLEThis flag, for the long-defunct Benin Empire, may just be the “ne plus ultra of sigils”.I think that when I am god-emperor of some distant land, I shall install it as my standard.Flag of the Benin Empire (via Kottke)


Benin Empire Souvenirs 

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